Shower Installations

There's no shower we can't install. From acrylic shower cubicles through to custom built frame-less, we do it all. Were approved and certified by all leading New Zealand shower manufacturers including 

EnglefieldClearliteCrestKohler, Newline, Athena, Atlantis and Stein

The Shower Doctor

Have a leaking shower? We can fix it. We can also source spare parts for most current New Zealand made showers. If your shower is passed its use by date, we can quote to replace it. We'll take care of the plumbing and building work too.


VITROglaze is a permanent treatment that prevents the adhesion and buildup of contaminants onto the glass surface. It also provides oil and water repellent properties.Working similar to non-stick cookware your glass becomes easier to clean without the need for harsh chemicals.

No more scaling, scrubbing and etching with VITROglaze glass coatings and treatments

  • Makes glass easy to clean

  • No harsh cleaning products needed.

  • No more lime scaling and etching.

  • Helps preserve the environment.

  • Maintains that as new appearance

  • Clean glass always

Shower Dome Supply & Installation

A Showerdome® shower top puts a lid on your shower to stop steam and warm moist air getting out. It also prevents cold air getting into your shower, so steam clouds don’t form inside. It’s that simple.

Contact us for a quote to supply and install a shower dome on your shower.

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